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16 Mar 2020

Project Brief

The process library is a document management system where we store a detailed breakdown of all our organization’s workflows. This could be a collection of business processes, standard operating procedures, forms, or templates.

How I Did It

Back to 2019 when I started my job at Raya Smart Buildings, the processes and procedures were a series of large files stored in case they were needed. This makes processes harder to find, leads to wasted effort in duplicating processes, and reduces overall process adherence.

That's why it was time to create a modern and dynamic process library for our organization. So I needed something:

  • On The Cloud (So everyone can access it),
  • Have search function,
  • Ways to comment,
  • Categorized & has a folder structure,
  • Has permissions to control access.


I was able to technically create 27 business process manuals (since my main job was to document the business processes), and upload them to the process library with all the related forms, tutorials, documents.

  • I was able to add ability to review and comment on processes during the review phase,
  • A specific features to sign & track the documents online,
  • Ajax search feature for all the published documents,
  • Online forum, chat widget, and contact forms for any questions related to processes and procedures,
  • Reading progress, mode (dark/light), language switcher, and index for faster scrolling.


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